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Our Tucker window cleaner in action on the second story.

Watch us transform this area rug!

Commercial office carpet cleaning.

Awesome before and after areas rug clean!

One of our carpet vans in the Maui sun…

Hydroforce extractor sucking up muck.

Sucking up dirt off ceramic tiles.

Cirk in action cleaning carpets!

Dirt always hides under area rugs.

Max vacuuming a commercial office.

Lots of dirt from dogs disappearing!

Another gorgeous day cleaning at Andaz Maui.

Who doesn’t want to work in Maui???

Carpet lines called “backgammon” for a reason.

Absolutely filthy carpet transformation.

Carpet doesn’t get much grosser than this.

Cirk working his usual carpet magic.

One of our favorite Kihei dirt extractions.

Let the solution do the work!

Slate tile cleaning always gets extra dirty from the slurry.

More slate tile transformation footage.

This tile cleaning will blow your mind!

Gorgeous day (and carpet van) at Wailea Point.

Our vans come fully equipped with the best gear.

Dining room chair upholstery is usually dirtier than you think.

Lanai cushions cleaned with a hand-held upholstery tool.

Steam, heat and pressure get this lounge cushion clean.

Clean borders revealed on lanai cushions.

She brought dirt with her from Arizona – we got it out!

Max working the upholstery hand-held like a pro.

Vehicle carpets can be some of the dirtiest we clean.

Just a few more passes to get this disgusting room clean.

And like that….it’s GONE!

This carpet smelled worse than it looked! We got it, though.

Top of the line ProChem machines with Kubota motors – nothing compares.

Here is a Rotovac in action – sprays, scrubs, and sucks at the same time!

Saltillo tile is some of the hardest tile to work with, but we got this one.

This is literally the same tile on each side of the door track.

Some people don’t realize just how dirty their tile is…

This condo was being rented for $400-500 per night – gulp.


Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning/Floor Cleaning

High temp restaurant carpet cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning after pre-treatment and agitation

Rotary Carpet Cleaning Extraction with Rotovac XL 360 and a brush head attachment

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Rotory Extraction Carpet Cleaning with Hoss 700



You’re going to absolutely love the quality of care you receive from CSI. We look forward to serving you…with Aloha!